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Analysis: Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in New Mexico

Analysis: Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in New Mexico

Full Title: Analysis: Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in New Mexico
Author(s): Renee McVay, Hillary Hull, David Lyon
Publisher(s): Environmental Defense Fund
Publication Date: November 1, 2017
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Description (excerpt):

Subsequent studies indicated that although the San Juan Basin includes other methane sources such as coal mines and geologic seepage, these sources are not large enough to explain the bulk of emissions, and that oil and gas development is the largest source of emissions contributing to this massive methane “hot spot.”

Methane is the main component of natural gas – the energy resource used to generate about 1/3 of our nation’s electricity and an important industrial, commercial and residential energy source. But the lack of oversight of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry has resulted in a substantial waste of an important domestic energy resource and needless pollution that threatens the climate and public health

Our analysis of recent peer-reviewed methane research and other data sources reveals that intentional emissions (venting), equipment leaks and other unintentional sources (fugitive emissions), and the combustion of gas (flaring) results in New Mexico’s oil and gas operatos emitting 570,000 tons of methane every year – equivalent to the climate impact of approximately 12 coal-fired power plants.

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