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Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

Full Title: Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)
Author(s): Carbon180
Publisher(s): Carbon180
Publication Date: September 1, 2022
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Description (excerpt):

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is a hybrid carbon removal solution that integrates both nature- and tech-based processes. BECCS involves capturing carbon dioxide in plants, converting it into power, heat, or fuel, and then storing subsequent carbon emissions in rock formations (a process known as dedicated geologic storage) or using them to make carbon-based products. Not all forms of BECCS result in net carbon removal — many factors must be taken into consideration, including the source and type of biomass, transportation requirements, efficiency of conversion processes, and end use of captured carbon.

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