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Biofuel Policies and Programs

Biofuel Policies and Programs

Full Title:  Biofuel Policies and Programs
Author(s): Office of the Legislative Auditor, State of Minnesota
Publisher(s):  Office of the Legislative Auditor, State of Minnesota
Publication Date: April 1, 2009
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Description (excerpt):

This report attempts to provide legislators and others with direct and clear answers to the above questions. In some instances, however, this was not possible because existing research does not provide definitive answers. For example, the scientific debate about the impact of biofuels on land use is still evolving. As a result, the worldwide impact of biofuels on greenhouse gas emissions is unclear. Regarding economic impacts, we were able to review and comment on existing research and reports but were not able to reach definitive answers about the overall economic impact of the biofuels industry.

This report also attempts to provide information specific to Minnesota’s biofuel and petroleum usage where possible. Providing such information was difficult because most studies focus on national issues and would be difficult to replicate on a state level without considerable technical expertise and data. However, in some cases such as Minnesota’s source of petroleum, we were able to provide insights into how Minnesota may differ from the national averages used in most studies.

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