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Carbon-Neutral Demonstration Zone

Carbon-Neutral Demonstration Zone

Full Title: Carbon-Neutral Demonstration Zone: Definition, Planning Methodology, and Case Study
Author(s): Yihan Hao, Ting Li, Guangxu Wang, and Meng Wang
Publisher(s): Rocky Mountain Institute
Publication Date: October 12, 2023
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Development zones are vital to China’s economic growth. China is placing greater focus on how to create development zones that are not only economically beneficial but also environmentally sustainable. Carbon-neutral demonstration zones serve as vital tools for exploring effective transition models and developing best practices for China’s overall carbon-neutral transformation.

In this report, they propose a definition and planning methodology for carbon-neutral demonstration zones. The key driver behind this type of demonstration should be a new economic path that promotes the zero-carbon transformation of local industrial innovation and reduces CO2 emissions per unit of GDP. The zone should be established in a way that promotes green transformation at a larger scale beyond the zone itself. They also share best practices from the Meishan Carbon-Neutral Demonstration Zone project, providing reference practice for more development zones.

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