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Energy scenarios—Exploring disruption and innovation

Energy scenarios—Exploring disruption and innovation

Full Title: Energy scenarios—Exploring disruption and innovation
Author(s): Gert Jan Kramer
Publisher(s): Energy Research & Social Science
Publication Date: March 1, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

In this perspective I argue that the term ‘disruptive innovation’ is at best too narrow and at worst meaningless to describe the important transformation of energy in the light of the pressing problem of climate change and the
ambition to reach the targets of the Paris accord. Breaking the term apart, however, into disruption and innovation opens up a rich space for scenario exploration. If we take stock of what is possible or even likely to
happen over the next decades, I conclude that we would do well to be more open-minded with respect to the
nature and impact of disruption, and broaden the discourse of innovation beyond technical and business innovation.

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