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Ensuring Development While Securing Livelihoods

Ensuring Development While Securing Livelihoods

Full Title: Ensuring Development While Securing Livelihoods - Lessons Learned and Considerations From Panel Cases
Author(s): The Inspection Panel
Publisher(s): The World Bank
Publication Date: October 3, 2023
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Description (excerpt):

The World Bank’s development projects aim to help promote economic growth, reduce poverty, and achieve better living standards. Such projects, however, can disrupt the lives of those living in and near project areas. These disruptions can affect the environment and communities, be positive or negative, temporary or permanent. Development projects, especially those relating to infrastructure, sometimes create impacts that can require timely and appropriate mitigation and adaptation.
This report discusses some of the issues, challenges and complexities based on recent World Bank Inspection Panel cases associated with livelihood restoration resulting from the taking of land or restrictions of access to legally designated parks and protected areas, and livelihood restoration measures to address losses not directly related to involuntary resettlement— for example, fishing communities whose livelihoods are affected by restrictions on certain fishing techniques.

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