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Exploring Demand Charge Savings from Residential Solar

Exploring Demand Charge Savings from Residential Solar

Full Title: Exploring Demand Charge Savings from Residential Solar
Author(s): Darghouth N, Barbose G, Mills A, Wiser R, Gagnon P, Bird L
Publisher(s): Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Publication Date: January 1, 2017
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Description (excerpt):

We use simulated load and PV generation profiles, based on 17 years of weather data for 15 cities, various building characteristics, 9 PV system sizes, and 4 panel orientations

• Demand charge savings are calculated for demand charge designs with and without seasonally varying prices and ratchets, and for various peak period definitions and averaging intervals

• This study focuses on demand charge savings from solar, alone, without storage or load management; upcoming work will examine demand charge savings from solar plus storage

• This study focuses on residential customers; upcoming work will focus on commercial customers

• This study focuses on implications of demand charges for solar customers; upcoming work will consider how customer bill savings align with utility cost savings from distributed solar

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