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Financing a Greener Planet Volume I: Catalyzing Private Capital for a Net Zero Emissions World

Financing a Greener Planet Volume I: Catalyzing Private Capital for a Net Zero Emissions World

Full Title: Financing a Greener Planet: Catalyzing Private Capital for a Net Zero Emissions World
Author(s): Eric G. Lee, Edward L. Morse
Publisher(s): Citi GPS
Publication Date: February 23, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Given the scale of the issue, Citi GPS has published Financing a Greener Planet in two volumes. This volume, Volume I — Catalyzing Private Capital for a Net Zero Emissions World — focuses on the three factors which indicate we are at a tipping point on climate action — policy and regulation, innovation, and green momentum in the investor community. Volume II — Bridging the Gap between Green Investment and Investors — is dedicated to the financial options available to close the massive climate investment gap.

Section 1: The world is reaching a green tipping point focuses on governments and policymakers. Chapter 1 looks at how global climate policy and regulations are evolving. Chapter 2 looks at the green investment gap and how policies might catalyze private green investment. Chapter 3 looks at post-COVID-19 economic trends. Chapter 4 looks at economic and climate policy trends at a global level and in selected countries and regions.

Section 2: How markets are evolving reviews the economic, policy, and commodities market trends that help or hinder decarbonization efforts. Chapters 5- 11 cover carbon pricing initiatives; the power sector including renewables; carbon dioxide removal and carbon capture and storage; the emerging hydrogen economy; sustainable transportation; the metals sector; and sustainable agriculture.

Section 3: Green momentum in the investor community looks at how green and wider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming mainstream in the financial sector. Chapter 12 looks at ESG trends in investment management. Chapter 13 provides a view on sustainable investing from the perspective of Citi Private Bank. Chapter 14 looks at the upcoming convergence and maturation of a green framework for climate-aligned finance, including taxonomies, disclosures, carbon/sustainability accounting, and data availability and transparency. Chapter 15 discusses the challenges of greening the financial system for central banks and financial regulators.

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