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Fostering Effective Energy Transition

Fostering Effective Energy Transition

Full Title: Fostering Effective Energy Transition
Author(s): Roberto Bocca, Thierry Geiger, Pedro G. Gómez Pensado, Daniel Hund, Bandar Al-Khamies, Espen Mehlum, Harsh Vijay Singh
Publisher(s): World Economic Forum
Publication Date: March 1, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

Globally, energy systems are experiencing significant and fast change, driven by forces such as technological
innovation, changes in consumption patterns, supply dynamics and policy shifts. These forces offer opportunities
to resolve the challenges that the global energy system faces today, namely: providing energy access to the more
than one billion people who lack it, and meeting demand for an additional two billion people by 2050, while also delivering that energy at an affordable cost and with a declining carbon and emissions footprint.

This poses two key questions for decision-makers: what is required for an accelerated improvement in countries’
energy systems and how can the right conditions be put in place that will allow these systems to seize the opportunities from this energy transition. No stakeholder in the energy system can drive such improvement alone. Many actors in businesses, government and society will need to come together, bringing their different viewpoints, priorities and sentiments. To facilitate effective dialogue between those parties, a common fact-base and understanding of the challenges are required.

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