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Global Status of CCS 2022

Global Status of CCS 2022

Full Title: Global Status of CCS 2022
Author(s): Matt Steyn, Jessica Oglesby, Guloren Turan, Alex Zapantis, and Ruth Gebremedhin
Publisher(s): Global CCS Institute
Publication Date: December 19, 2022
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Description (excerpt):

CCS is an emissions reduction technology critical to meeting global climate targets. The Global Status of CCS 2022 documents important milestones for CCS over the past 12 months, its status across the world and the key opportunities and challenges it faces. The Global CCS Institute hopes this report will be read and used by governments, policy-makers, academics, media commentators and the millions of people who care about our climate.

The outlook for CCS has never been more positive. However, global efforts to reduce emissions, including investment in CCS, remain grossly inadequate. Following the COVID shock to the global economy, emissions have returned to trend. Near-zero emission technologies must be deployed at unprecedented rates to cease the steady rise in emissions. While the private sector has the capital, the resources, and the expertise to meet that challenge, governments have the capacity to unleash that potential and drive investment in CCS through policy.

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