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Governors Staying Ahead of the Energy Innovation Curve

Governors Staying Ahead of the Energy Innovation Curve

Full Title: Governors Staying Ahead of the Energy Innovation Curve A POLICY ROADMAP FOR STATES
Author(s): National Governors Association
Publisher(s): National Governors Association
Publication Date: July 1, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

As a result of new, advanced and connected technologies, our world is rapidly changing. Amazing technologies are transforming our daily way of life and altering how businesses and industries operate every moment of every day. Given the vast and ever-changing implications for our citizens and economies, governors are looking for ideas to help leverage the opportunities these new technologies present while also tackling the challenges to stay “Ahead of the Curve.”

This initiative engaged thought leaders and technology experts from across the country to examine how governors and the citizens we govern can stay one step ahead of the rapidly advancing technologies that impact the daily lives of residents and businesses in our states. Ahead of the Curve focused on two areas: transportation and energy – areas which I have watched change the economy and quality of life for the better in my home state of Nevada. During the past year, we have gathered governors and their staffs to examine opportunities related to innovative energy and transportation technologies, explored the impacts of these technologies on other sectors such as healthcare, education and public safety and considered implications for the workforce, cyber security and advanced communications systems. These are complex, yet very important topics.

All statements and/or propositions in discussion prompts are meant exclusively to stimulate discussion and do not represent the views of, its Partners, Topic Directors or Experts, nor of any individual or organization. Comments by and opinions of Expert participants are their own.

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