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Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis

Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis

Full Title: Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis
Author(s): Lazard
Publisher(s): Lazard
Publication Date: November 1, 2018
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy (“LCOE”) analysis addresses the following topics:
 Comparative LCOE analysis for various generation technologies on a $/MWh basis, including sensitivities, as relevant, for U.S. federal tax
subsidies, fuel prices and costs of capital
 Illustration of how the LCOE of wind and utility-scale solar compare to the marginal cost of selected conventional generation technologies
 Historical LCOE comparison of various utility-scale generation technologies
 Illustration of the historical LCOE declines for wind and utility-scale solar technologies
 Illustration of how the LCOE of utility-scale solar compares to the LCOE of gas peaking and how the LCOE of wind compares to the LCOE of gas
combined cycle generation
 Comparison of assumed capital costs on a $/kW basis for various generation technologies
 Decomposition of the LCOE for various generation technologies by capital cost, fixed operations and maintenance expense, variable operations
and maintenance expense and fuel cost, as relevant
 A methodological overview of Lazard’s approach to our LCOE analysis
 Considerations regarding the usage characteristics and applicability of various generation technologies
 An illustrative comparison of the cost of carbon abatement of various Alternative Energy technologies relative to conventional generation
 Summary assumptions for Lazard’s LCOE analysis
 Summary of Lazard’s approach to comparing the LCOE for various conventional and Alternative Energy generation technologies

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