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New Services and Products Share Real-Time Distributed Data Across the Grid

New Services and Products Share Real-Time Distributed Data Across the Grid

Full Title: New Services and Products Share Real-Time Distributed Data Across the Grid
Author(s): OSIsoft
Publication Date: March 1, 2017
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

The growing use of renewable energy is providing new opportunities for energy users to reduce carbon
footprint and energy costs. However, the unpredictability of solar, wind, and other renewables makes it
difficult to maintain stability and optimize grid management.

The key to ensuring the successful integration of renewable resources may lie in the availability of realtime
series data collected from distributed data points, often described as the Internet of Things (IoT).
But the huge amount of data collected from these data points operating at the edge of the grid must
be processed, and a number of different formats in use must be smoothly integrated; the lack of data
granularity and existing data silos presents additional challenges.

To address these edge-of-the-grid issues a new community of energy suppliers, service providers,
storage vendors, software suppliers, and electric vehicle (EV) charging platforms are offering distributed
real-time data using an IoT model that can help utilities, independent system operators (ISOs),and large
commercial and industrial energy users to work together to optimize web operations.

OSIsoft’s PI System is used by many utilities to collect, manage, and analyze data for transmission
and distribution groups. Through Connected Service agreements, OSIsoft has made it possible for
innovators to also use the PI System as an IoT platform that collects, stores, analyzes, and visualizes
real-time sensor-based data from the grid edge, which can be used by the centralized grid to optimize
the uninterrupted availability of energy resources. The following are three examples of the PI System
being put to work in innovative, edge-of-the-grid applications.

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