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Promoting Direct Air Capture Hubs

Promoting Direct Air Capture Hubs

Full Title: Promoting Direct Air Capture Hubs
Author(s): Hart Research
Publisher(s): Hart Research
Publication Date: January 24, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

This report from Hart Research and Breakthrough Energy surveys 1,600 registered voters in four proposed Direct Air Capture (DAC) hub regions and lays out the strategic findings. Among these takeaways is that residents of these hub regions view both clean energy sources and fossil fuels favorably. There is no also real value in talking about climate change as the impetus for the hubs, as most hub region residents do not consider it to be a big problem. Mentioning climate change does not hurt opinions of the hubs, but there are more compelling points to make within people’s limited attention spans. Residents like what they hear about the hubs, but knowledge is low and opinions are soft. Meanwhile, hub opponents have to very strong messages to increase negative sentiment:

▪ DAC uses an extraordinary amount of power, straining an already overtaxed grid.
▪ CO2 storage containers are prone to leaks and endanger the community.

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