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Raising The Bar: Nrdc’s 2017 Aviation Biofuels Scorecard

Raising The Bar: Nrdc’s 2017 Aviation Biofuels Scorecard

Full Title: Raising The Bar: NRDC's 2017 Aviation Biofuels Scorecard
Publisher(s): Natural Resources Defense Council
Publication Date: October 1, 2017
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Description (excerpt):

For our 2017 Scorecard, NRDC surveyed 38 airline companies. We included all 29 airlines surveyed for the 2016 Scorecard, all of which have indicated a commitment to adopting aviation biofuels. We also included two new airlines that have made biofuels announcements, an air freight carrier that has reported significant biofuel use in its ground fleet, and six airlines that round out the world’s top 20 by network capacity. We received responses from 17 companies, which is 2 fewer than the number responding to the 2016 survey. Therefore, the list of nonrespondents grew this year to 21, up from 9 in 2016, largely because we surveyed more companies.

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