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Renewables Energy and Sustainability Report

Renewables Energy and Sustainability Report

Full Title: Renewables Energy and Sustainability Report
Author(s): Lisa Feldman, Ranisha Basnet, Glen Wright, Serife Elif Can Sener, Daniel Petrovics, and Janet Sawin
Publisher(s): REN21
Publication Date: January 30, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

The REN21 Renewables and Sustainability Report (RESR) builds on a yearlong research and consultative process among a wide range of stakeholders across sectors. It was conceived as a reference document bringing together different perspectives to analyse the benefits and identify the best practices to mitigate the potential negative impacts of renewables deployment. The report concludes that the environmental impact of renewables is significantly lower than any other energy source and can be mitigated with the adoption of existing best practice. The report also underscores the wide range of benefits of renewables on climate change, air, water and land pollution, biodiversity, human health, energy access and energy security and job/local value creation.

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