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Rooftop Solar on the Rise

Rooftop Solar on the Rise

Full Title: Rooftop Solar on the Rise: Small Solar projects are Delivering 10 Times as Much Power as a Decade Ago
Author(s): Tony Dutzik, Abigail Ham, and Johanna Neumann
Publisher(s): Environment America
Publication Date: February 19, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Solar energy is abundant, affordable and a big part of America’s transition to renewable energy. Solar power is particularly valuable when it produces energy right where we need it: on the rooftops of our homes and businesses.
Rooftop solar is good for the environment and consumers – reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, easing strain on the grid during periods of high demand, increasing resilience to threats like extreme weather, and limiting the amount of land needed for clean energy, all at steadily falling cost.
State and local policies that make it easier for homeowners and business owners to install and connect solar energy systems, and that compensate them fairly for the electricity they generate, can ensure that rooftop solar plays an important part in America’s energy future.

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