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Solar+Storage for Household Back-Up Power

Solar+Storage for Household Back-Up Power

Full Title: Solar+Storage for Household Back-Up Power: Implications of Building Efficiency, Load Flexibility, and Electrification for Backup During Long-Duration Power Interruptions
Author(s): Will Gorman, Galen L Barbose, Chandler Miller, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Sunhee Baik, and Philip White
Publisher(s): Berkeley Lab
Publication Date: November 21, 2023
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

The study analyzes the evolving role of solar+storage for home backup power during long-duration power interruptions. In particular, it evaluates how required storage sizing is impacted as homes become more efficient, flexible, and electrified. The study relies on NREL’s ResStock building modeling platform to create statistically representative distributions of the existing building stock in ten locations across the United States. It then shows how the amount battery storage required for backup power rises or falls as a series of building envelope efficiency, load flexibility, and electrification measures are applied across the building stock in each region. The study also includes sensitivities to show how backup power requirements are impacted by the timing and duration of power interruptions, and explores variation in backup power requirements across the building stock within each study location.

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