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Stakeholder Guidebook for Coal-to-Nuclear Conversions

Stakeholder Guidebook for Coal-to-Nuclear Conversions

Full Title: Stakeholder Guidebook for Coal-to-Nuclear Conversions: Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Supply Chain
Author(s): J. Hansen, W. Jenson, B. Dixon, L. Larsen, N. Guaita, N. Stauff, K. Biegel, F. Omitaomu, M. Allen-Dumas, and R. Belles
Publisher(s): U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: April 19, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

This guidebook provides stakeholders in communities and electric utilities with information supported by analyses and document reviews about issues pertinent to the topic of coal-to-nuclear (C2N) transitions. Economic impact analysis and workforce transition issues make up the section geared towards community stakeholders. Cost considerations, policy opportunities, technology mapping, coal remediation issues, and siting considerations make up the section geared for utility stakeholders. Community stakeholders will find aspects of the utility-focused section helpful, e.g., ash remediation. And similarly, utility stakeholders will find aspects of the community-focused section helpful, e.g., workforce transition.

All statements and/or propositions in discussion prompts are meant exclusively to stimulate discussion and do not represent the views of, its Partners, Topic Directors or Experts, nor of any individual or organization. Comments by and opinions of Expert participants are their own.

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