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The Impact of Solar Tariffs on US Manufacturing

The Impact of Solar Tariffs on US Manufacturing

Full Title:   The Impact of Solar Tariffs on US Manufacturing
Author(s): Shayle Kann and MJ Shiao
Publisher(s): Center on Global Energy Policy, SPIA Columbia University
Publication Date: February 1, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

The introduction of new solar import tariffs at a January 23, 2018, signing ceremony came with talk
of a revival in US solar panel manufacturing. Indeed, a number of foreign solar manufacturers
openly explored the possibility of setting up facilities in the United States while awaiting the tariff
decision. Now, two groups have publicly stated such intentions:

• Chinese manufacturer Jinko Solar will “finalize planning” for a facility in the United States,
reportedly in Jacksonville, Florida.

• A newly merged trio of Taiwanese solar cell manufacturers intends to build a large panel
manufacturing facility, but details remain sparse.

These plants may indeed move forward. Jinko Solar in particular has clearly done its homework and
received board approval to proceed. However, the development of two facilities does not a
renaissance make. Without additional, sustained policy support, the promise of a major wave of new
US solar manufacturing will likely prove to be a mirage.

Many manufacturers will certainly explore building manufacturing capacity in the United States, but
a combination of timing, market factors, and the tariffs themselves will put an end to most of these

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