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The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

Full Title: The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago
Author(s): Sharmila Jugessur, Qi Xun Low, Christiaan Gischler, Augusto Cesar Bonzi Teixeira, Carlton Thomas, Tanagna Lessey-Kelly, Analeise Ramgattie, and Marcia Maynard
Publisher(s): Inter-American Development Bank
Publication Date: November 12, 2022
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Description (excerpt):

Trinidad and Tobago is at the beginning of an exciting, yet challenging, energy transition journey as a regional energy leader and a powerhouse in petrochemicals. Its oil and gas infrastructure, including storage and export facilities, as well as operational experience gives them a head start when it comes to developing a hydrogen economy.
The energy sector already accounts for 40% of GDP and 80% of export earnings, through the production and exports of oil and gas as well as petrochemicals. This existing heritage and the associated established infrastructure provide Trinidad and Tobago with the key competitive advantage over other nations exploring hydrogen exports.
Trinidad and Tobago will continue to play a major role as a natural gas exporter whilst leveraging existing heritage and facilities to attract investment from around the globe and exploit green energy carriers, thereby ensuring sustainable economic growth in the future.

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